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Nakamichi UK

The UK Home of the Legendary Japanese Audio Company

Nakamichi have been specialising in the audio-visual-equipment trade for a long time now and are constantly working hard to come up with new inventive ideas for you to enjoy at home or on the go.

With approximately 7 decades of experience, Nakamichi have developed a strong passion for producing not only excellent sounding products, but products that look exceptionally beautiful on the eye, and by some enthusiasts, would be considered art.

The Nakamichi range consists of high-end sound systems, including, portable bluetooth speakers, docking stations, bluetooth receivers, and the marvellously constructed Nakamichi 7.1 Power Amplifier.

Having ventured around most of the globe, Nakamichi have now embarked upon their newest project, in bringing their internationally recognised, musical systems, to the UK.

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