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Nakamichi Dragon Lily

Dragon Lily wireless Bluetooth speaker system delivers high end sound and artistic flair in design at an affordable price

Air cast WiFi BT Speaker & Apple Charging & Playback By USB

The Nakamichi Dragon Lilly Bluetooth and WiFi speaker is one of the leading products in it’s price range. It boasts fantastic sound quality and depth at an affordable price bracket for all to enjoy.

This premium Wifi, Bluetooth and NFC speaker reignites one of the world most reputable brands in audio technology, Nakamichi. Uniquely designed by the artistic team in Japan and available in Red, Black or Silver it is designed to bring a touch of class to any environment.

As you would expect from one of the world leaders in audio the sound qualiy of this wireless bluetooth speaker system is something words cannot describe, especially at this price point. In terms of audio quality this wireless bluetooth speaker system competes with products twice its price meaning the Nakamichi Dragon Lilly is available to all. 

With connectivity features including Wireless, Bluetooth, Aux input and NFC technology the possibilities are endless. Imagine being at a house party and letting all of your friends connect to get the best playlist for your group. Perfect for an office environment, home entertainment system or outdoor entertainment solution this compact yet powerful unit is guaranteed to fit the bill.

Bluetooth Bluetooth
Smart Phone Smart Phone
Tablet Device Tablet Device
3.5mm Input 3.5mm Input
Charging Charging
WiFi WiFi
Touch Technology Touch Technology
Low Energy Consumption Low Energy Consumption
Ethernet Ethernet
Remote Control Remote Control

Nakamichi Dragon Lily Specification

  • Proprietary Air Cast WiFi Audio Playback
  • Bluetooth With NFC
  • Control & Charge Apple iPhone, iPad, iPad, iPod From USB*
  • 2.1 Digital Integrated Amplifier & Speaker System
  • 25w x 2 + 50w RMS
  • 3.5mm Aux Input
  • Feather Touch Control
  • Remote Control
  • Cable Sold Separately*

Dragon Lily wireless Bluetooth speaker system delivers high end sound and artistic flair in design.

Nakamichi Dragon Lily Reviews


Japanese Style and Innovation

The Nakamichi Dragon Lily Bluetooth Speaker System has been built using the finest Japanese technology, offering a unique design, combined with modern software that projects a true sound, the way the artist intended it to be heard.

With a slick, smooth design, the Dragon Lily Speaker System offers an appealing finish that looks great in any environment. Intended primarily for indoor use, you can place this Bluetooth speaker on your bedside table, TV stand, or your computer desktop.

The intensity of the sound produced by the Dragon Lily is unreplicated in the wireless speaker industry, and you are provided with a system that offers an exceptional listening experience, that will literally blow your mind.

Built with outstanding aesthetics, you will struggle to find any other product like the Dragon Lily, on the market. With an original concept that comes with the Japanese reputation of manufacturing only the highest quality electronics, you can be confident that you are buying a high performance, great looking system.  

The Dragon Lily Wireless Bluetooth System beats all conventional speaker systems for uniqueness and value-for-money, available at an extremely affordable price. The best thing about this product is the size. What appears to be a small portable speaker is actually slightly bigger than what you would expect and can produce a much louder, crisper sound that what you could imagine. The Dragon Lily Bluetooth Speaker System boasts fantastic design and a sound that is simply stunning to hear. This is what you would expect from such a reputable company. A top quality audio sensation.

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